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Shah Wharton is the author of several horror novellas and horror poetry. A psychology graduate, she studied for her MA Creative Writing 2016-2018 and has previously worked in industries as dissimilar as perfumery and social work. Her husband and their rescue dogs are the loves of her life, and some say she is mildly obsessed with Bob Dylan. She grew up in the Black Country and lives near Birmingham, UK.

Shah’s travelled through much of Europe, and further afield to NYC, Seattle, Sydney Australia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, South Africa, and she lived in the Middle East for four years.

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  1. A person who ‘writes scribbles to please’ might be someone who writes (poems, or stories, or whatever) to please her mum, or her friends, or other people in general, instead of herself. Or perhaps she’d be scribbling (writing) to ‘please’ herself? I like that idea best. X


  2. Hello I’m trying to learn Poetry I’m 11. What does this sentence meaning. Thank you.
    “Like the poet that writes scribbles to please”,


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