Puppy Love – Day 1 #OctPoWriMo


This is an extension blog, linking to my author blog: Shah Wharton’s WordinSync. I decided to build this blog

to post a poem a day primarily, but I aim to post things like flash fiction too, if I ever get time to write any 🙂

So here, it’s all about words and their magical possibilities. Yes, this blog is all about OctPoWriMo – 31 poems in 31 days,

here’s what they say:

It is easy to sign up, all you have to do is click on Link Up and add your Blog where you will share your poetry or you can share it on Facebook in the Writing Poetry Group….. The challenge begins October 1st, 2012 and goes through October 31st, 2012. We look forward to reading and sharing poetry with you!

So here’s my first one….In honour of our new German Shepherd puppy  (this is not about him though) 🙂

Puppy Love


Couple Resting on Grass


Lay it on me

Your breath, behind the kiss that could steal away the dance

Lay it on me

Your touch, which carried hopes and dreams, of such romance

Lay it on me

The words, which spoke of passion, of love, and futures shared

Lay it on me

The love in whispers, of the flesh – in young hearts, unprepared

* * *

Let me know your thoughts and please get involved with the rest of the participants. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Puppy Love – Day 1 #OctPoWriMo

  1. How interesting we both wrote about love for the “first” poem. Here, I like that clear sense of impetuous adolescence: Lay it on me! But the poem also hints at risk. Lovely.


    1. Really? I thought it was more romantic, delusional LOL! I was innocent, but so delusional as a teen. And the TV etc exposure our kids get these days would ensure even if they were physically innocent, their poor minds were almost certainly not. 😦 Thanks Julie, glad to be on board. 🙂


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