Freedom’s Song – Day 3 #OctPoWriMo

A poem I wrote quite a while ago now,
after washing up after Sunday lunch :)

Freedoms Song

Used up – dish water
Swirling round the sink,
the soap scum, the waste
the gut renching stink.
Used up – washed out
Cleaned up, by time
A passage way, anew
streams and oceans –
a pure way through.
Onwards to freedom’s
Floral Painting
* * *

Do share your thoughts  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Freedom’s Song – Day 3 #OctPoWriMo

  1. Part of me would love to never wash dishes again and part of me loves the mindless routine of it. The first part usually wins. 😀 Thanks for sharing a moment in time from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

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