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Our Day Out – Day 5 #OctPoWriMo

Heres a poem about a younger me visiting my hero for a day out. My folks divorced when I was 7 yrs old so weekends were special.

He wasn’t the best father, but he was my hero then. I also did a flash-fiction story by the same name, for a challenge.


Our Day Out 

I saw You

And blazes of sun shards
dulled in comparison.

We walked

sometimes we laughed,

I never knew why

– but you did –

and that was


Horns from cars

played illusive tunes,

At your acknowledgement…

so revered, you were.

And although

scary dogs

– on route, barked

They lost their

noise, amidst our larks

so I felt safe.

You walked, while I would

Skip – breathlessly, looking up

– Can he see me?

…all the way to your friends

where welcomes warmed us

like sunshine – without shade.

Even in the rain.

Lunch, ate on your bouncing knee –

chatter & play & giggles.

Looking up from dirty toys,

into Your face – into my Dad.

A fulfilled wish

– dad jokes

forgotten broken promises –

and bluer eyes than a cloudless sky

…bathed me

…like hot soapy water.

Till time travelled,

arriving as a thief !

Coats on –

Bus timetable, crumpled

In huge hands

For a quiet journey,

Of frowns, Of tears, Of held breath, Of tied tongues.

– That’s all for another week –

Or two, or three?

Then, you’d hand me back

To Mom.

Fathers Day

Me & My Dad: I was 16 yrs here, and a bridesmaid

* * *

Do please share your thoughts  🙂

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