Morning Blush – Day 8 #OctPoWriMo

Morning Blush (Formerly The Orange Sonnet)


Like a loitering dream

Orange sherbet

Over candy-floss clouds –

Beyond the dew drops on cold glass –

Draw my eyes:

Sore and crusty with sleep.

Such a vision swells lungs

And clutches the throat.

Mollified, I breathe-in this day

And feel tears

slippery – on

Pink cheeks.

Certainties of youth

– Replaced –

By uncertainties of age,

And with those,

Comes the marvel

At such beauties- As this

Orange. Morning. Blush.

Wild hearts can be tamed

By tough lives lived

And by gentle love.

And so quickly

Such beauty

Leaks into silver starry diamond nights.

So carelessly so, when wrapped

In lithe arms

Between cool cotton sheets

Until –

With athletic prowess, it

Races forward

Into days and decades

Us: Its tiny toys

Always playing catch-up

See ourselves; ridiculous –

A cart without wheels.

Too often too

Slow to wake, to taste, to breathe –

In deep

Or to dream,

– hold beauty

– burn trash,

– take you in

Or look back.

Time swallowsday – swallows night.

A great white whiskered roaring wave;

A gratuitous gannet –

The thief that is, Time.

It does not wait

In line

Nor will it sit

By silent telephones.

It does not – Take heed

Nor rest with caution

As his friend.

Days beginning are soon breaths end.

Oh my love – might I never fall

But with you – grey haired

And on such a morning.

Sun warming your sleeping face.

Beneath an Orange Sonnet.

Taste all things. Drink each sip. Waste no life.

* * *

I took this picture at sunrise in Death Valley on our honeymoon September 2008. The poem is of what it inspired
I took this picture at sunrise in Death Valley on our honeymoon
September 2008. The poem is of what it inspired

Dedicated to my wonderful husband – David. X


Well – did that feel uplifting to you – any tears – smiles?
Love to read your comments folks.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Blush – Day 8 #OctPoWriMo

      1. I read it twice, lingeringly, feeling. I felt like I was there beside you, two getting older feisty women who see the full breadth of sunrise….

        Half a world? Nuttin’ at all to my imagination! ❤

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