Allow Yourself – Day 10 #OctPoWriMo

These are the lessons I learned about coping with bereavement. 


Allow Yourself 


You’ll make it through if you…
Allow anger to
Kick away the iron grip
Of loss, loss, loss…
And permit mirth to
Taint your rainy day
With sun drops, open arms
 -like ripened fruit.
Allow yourself a single
Smile, amongst
flooding tears, which might
drown, drown, drown…
As well as one hour’s
Sleep – respite – concord
Though that hour be
punctuated with such
seeping wounds.
Allow at least
One true heart
entry into yours
– As wrecked as it is –
For eventual restoration,
With kindness &
time, time, time.
And if you could also sanction
One solitary hope –
 – that you’ll make it through –
You will –
 If you allow it.
* * *
Love to read your comments folks.

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