Reflection at the End: Day 14 #OctPoWriMo


Permit the world its end of turning

The Mayan’s, ‘Long Count’ declares 21/12/2012 : The Time

Track movements of celestial bodies, cycles of time

To an end – Or to the greatest of challenges and changes?

Allow it to sing its final song – a melody so gallant to create demise

Amongst life’s own loss –

Cease the dread; the ending of the present – feel the lack of care

Amongst disquiet –

Allow it’s spinning to slow – the World to have its day

The evolution of Earth, and Man’s new beginning –

To new power paths, revealing lost sacred sites

Permit our awakening to casualty – to embrace the End

Amongst a love that will not.

Endure a magnificent paradigm shift –

Carrying us on to evolution,

And a bright new future.

Past, ‘The End!’

Picture Prompt

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