To Honour You: Day 15 #OctPoWriMo

My hair, skin and teeth
And everything beneath
Within and without
My being
My whole
My smiles and my tears
The air in my lungs
And your love –
Over all these years.
From you, all goodness came
And conscience too
My tiny frame, my blood
And these eyes
Which look to you with love
My wits, my will
The heart beat in these veins
All from you –
In me remains.
The dearest of them all
Always fine and merciful
The one, the only you
The truest and
Most beautiful.
I’m the best I can be
& who you
Helped me become
 You are
Absolutely and most fortunately….
…My Truly Magnificent Mom.

Me & My Mum

Prompt:  Write a poem for someone who would not expect you to write a poem especially for them.

Link up yours or check out the other’s at the other’s at the  #OctPoWriMo blog.

And please do comment before leaving. 😀


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