I Wish That You Were Mine: Day 20 #OctPoWriMo


Pretty baby holding my thumb.

Smelly nappy, crusty hairline

Late night squealing makes tired Mum.

How I wish that you were mine.

Powdered milk, grey sloppy food.

Talcum powder after bath time.

Early mornings and frazzled mood.

How I wish that you were mine.


You’ll toddle and wobble about.

Broken toys, expanded waistline.

Run folks ragged, total burnout.

How I wish that you were mine.

Never, ever be born of me

Yearnings for you simply confine

In my broken, barren body

How I wish that you were mine.

* * *

PROMPT: To choose a type of poetry, write one from the an old poem.
This is timed and rhymed – not sure of its ‘type’ though?
I wrote it about my yearnings and acceptance that I will never become a mother.
Image found here: http://www.comoxvalleyacupuncture.com/infertility.html

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8 thoughts on “I Wish That You Were Mine: Day 20 #OctPoWriMo

  1. Your poem stops me cold. For every child needs a mother like you, loving, sensitive, and kind. Your poem recognizes that deep yearning within. I hope these words bring you healing.


  2. I hesitate to comment because my infertility is secondary. Three miscarriages and my heart broke too much to try as much as others. I so appreciate your words and your courage in putting them into the ether


    1. I have never been pregnant, I can’t imagine how awful it must have been to have been, but then lose that baby inside. I imagine it’s a kind of hollow agony. I hope you can move forward, with or without a little one. I’m told life can be pretty great without, once one has accepted it as their reality. I think I’m getting there. X


  3. This breaks my heart because I”ve been there too. It’s awful knowing you’ll never be a mother. I went through 8 in vitro cycles before I had to come to that realization. Thank you for sharing this – reading it has helped me find further healing.


    1. So sorry – I can’t imagine how awful it was to go through it so many times. We did it twice and that was enough. W intended to try again this year, but my heart isn’t in it. Hugs to you for the future and moving on. X


  4. ❤ Shah. I want to stretch across those oceans and continents between and hold you. i want to share my children with you, knowing it would always be bittersweet.

    I want to tell you i know what bittersweet tastes like, and that I admire how you are finding sweetness in the bitter.

    I want to wave a magic wand and give you what you yearn for, and what a baby would be blessed to have in you.

    I grieve with you. Truly and deeply.

    I love you and hope these words will be some tiny measure of warmth in a bleak place.

    I am sharing your tears. I am honored that you shared, and strengthened by your bravery.

    I love you. Thousands of miles away is someone who is holding you close to her heart, and who knows how very not fair it is.

    You are cherished.


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