Seeking out… Day 21 #OctPoWriMo


The blood in

my veins

still flows

Pumping though


Praying for


The clocks may tick

but never tock – mocked

And stifling storms

blow, brewing –

Till finally

turning toward


seductive sedation.

Pruned nails get

chewed and bleed

Powdered cheeks


with salty tracks.

Evidence of secrets.

Children grow

and they forget

all they need to know.

But never

mine –

Natures gift – stolen


carelessly fall

sharp & wet

my rain fall –

Blown in

a gale –

stinging as though

icy shards onto

soft cheeks.


Word Prompt: FlowSentence Starters:

When Life Throws You a Wrench…

Weaving and flowing…


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