Such Sweet Sorrow… Day 24 #OctPoWriMo

Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eyes of brocade reach out, as

Cannonades of fury –

Like confetti –

Rain down: A conflicting fire –

A tangible beauty…

With a cantabile call to

Kill and love the senses.

A master of ego

A ruler of mental love: Compulsion.

Stronger than a ‘heart-string.

A consort

A love,

A ruler,

A Devil and a God

The schemer against sanity;

Ephemeral, fractious,

Over indulged.

Only evil lows follow its unearthly heights.

Such is the nature of such a passion.

One after another, we fall;

Genuflect at its feet.

Temporary insanity.

Truth be told –

Such sweet sorrow

Is all, which

Will befall us

Should it sustain.


Romeo + Juliet (soundtrack)

Word Prompt: Bare Bones

Prompt: Fetch a book off your shelf, any book, and turn to a random page. Pluck out three words from the page, any page. Make those three words the subject or the inspiration or, perhaps, a character in your poem.Chosen Book – Romeo & JulietChosen Words: Such sweet sorrow


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