Wedding Days End… Day 25 #OctPoWriMo

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Through the floor,

Is a pathway

of tiny crimson petals

from spiky stems.


The last drip

of a warm sunset

burns still.

A smooth breeze

moves effortlessly

through the crowd,

who stand on freshly cut,

greenest grass

– eating stilettos –

kissing the cheeks

of guest & maid,

breathing through multicoloured

curls & waves,

over silly hats, & stroking

silk & sateen dresses.

A sky of blackening blue

& grey tinged with gold

falls leisurely

upon our shoulders,

carrying hidden stars

aching to sparkle.


A miasma of a

‘wine & beer,

‘cigar smoke & BBQ‘,

‘old perfume &  body odour’


stifle those still indoors.

It had been a long hot day.

Sounds from a time

when you & I were alone,

-before we found peace-

bellow from the hall,

where kids run & play,

tired and whiny.


Gifts still wrapped

beneath soiled tables,

each holding tight to secrets,

awaiting attention.


Expensive flowers

wilt, purpose served

alone in darkening corners.

While solo guests


drink too much

& dance alone, together

smiling tentatively.


An old married couple

with tales to tell


talking with their eyes.


The parents

of the Happy Couple

cheer & cry,

shake numerous hands

thank & lie,



The Bride and Groom

begin their lives


packing dreams

& hopes

& love &

head to their expensive



Me and You,

wrapped in peace

look on,

holding hands,

nose to nose.

And we know…


Word Prompt: Love


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6 thoughts on “Wedding Days End… Day 25 #OctPoWriMo

    1. I sat at a wedding (and all weddings are pretty much the same) and collected a handful of images all of them contradictory – two sides to a coin and all that. And I thought, how appropriate: love and certainly longterm love; marriage, is a contradiction, and its about making those opposites work with each other, as apposed to against each other. It’s about seeing it and knowing it and accepting it, for what it is – Peace (even in the rows). So when the prompt said to talk of love, this is what happened. 🙂 To me, real love is not hearts and wilting flowers, its a bitter pill, which once swallowed, blossoms and permeate our souls with roots which will hopefully continue to grow, without strangling us 😀 X


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