Bereft: Day 30 #OctPoWriMo

"I'm bereft of a wife and a child and its...
“I’m bereft of a wife and a child and its life… (Photo credit: harold.lloyd)
Word Prompt: Loss
I unfortunately had a lot of poems to choose from on this topic.
2004 I lost my brother to suicide. 2005 I lost my dad.
This is one.



Day into night – I pray for a liberator

Dreaded ache…  sore orbs closed tight

Hours pass, exhaustion and a daytime death;

A dream – An enabler –

Where I skip over the sun

And meet fairies on clouds

Ride wild horses on misty

Mountains – Bare back

Kiss cupid and hoot


Walk in blood red and yellow gowns

Of silk and lace –

Paint, liberally

Over the ruinous

Pain in my face.

Smile confidently once more,

At striking faces

On luminous lanes

As they pass by – unknowing.

Denial – within my dreams;

Sacred sanctuary, which shrinks

Whilst a rude

Awakening begins

In heavy lids, and a brand new day

Of purest sorrow

Sore orbs unwrap to salute, Pain.

And weep for yesterday and tomorrow.

* * *


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5 thoughts on “Bereft: Day 30 #OctPoWriMo

  1. A hard poem to write; a hard poem to read, but what to we have to give each other of value if not our most compassionate ear. Beautifully captured.


  2. Oh, Shah….

    This undid me.

    ~~Smile confidently once more,

    At striking faces

    On luminous lanes

    As they pass by – unknowing.~~

    The night before the day Elijah died, our telephone stopped working. Jim’s family is in Oregon, and this was 2003, before facebook and wi-fi.

    We knew we needed a phone, and my sister had already planned to take 22 month old Miah for the afternoon.

    So when we left the hospital, we went to the mall, raw, broken, and dazed at the enormity of having a baby, and, then, suddenly, not.

    The salesgirl in the store asked, “How are you today?”

    We couldn’t begin to fathom what to say, and stammered something about a phone.

    When we had picked – very, very badly, because the phone had none of the features we had wanted – she said, “Have a nice day.”

    We went to the coffeeshop to gather ourselves, and could not believe all the people who could not see in our faces how shattered we were…

    It will always be a surreal memory….

    I am sending you love and hugs and all good things. Because I know.

    As Spock would say, “I grieve with thee.”


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