Hosting Woes + Site Down + #NaNoWriMo + Editorial Approvals = One Busy Bunny

Attribution: By Monda@NoTelling

Hello all, it’s been a while since my last post here, mainly because OctPoWrMo ended, but also because I’ve been busy with various other projects.

I’ve  transferred my photography blog Beautiful Pictures from Blogger to and covered all the SEO business with that (registering it with Bing and Google for starters – I also did that for this blog as I hadn’t bothered previously). I’m also transferring my domain/hosting provider from iPage Inc (oh dear, the downtime, the error messages, the constantly slow server – etc) to Bluehost for WordPress, which is supposed to be great. We’ll see. This has meant my main site/my author site – Shah Wharton’s WordsinSync is showing up as a Bluehost Error page instead of the website. I await iPage’s release of my domain while biting my nails and chewing my tongue in frustration, as day two of this ticks by. *Grr!*

Also, you know when hosting companies say things like – One-Click transfer and We’ll do everything for you? Well, I’ve been clicking away for two days and no tomato! What’s all that about? More unnerving, now I’ve learned I may even lose files during the transfer (that I have to carry out) and that the transfer (I have to carry out) itself requires ME to upload the website and transfer it MYSELF? When did I get that IT degree, I’m sure it was a Psychology degree, which bears no relation or help in these circumstances?

*Cough* I’m a writer who blogs. Give me a break.

Anyone who can help with this farce would win BBF status with me for life. Yes, I’m that cheap. Head, wall and violent contact springs to mind.

Of course, in between all this I’m still slogging at book two in The Supes Series – Finding Luna for NaNoWriMo, which overwhelms every November, lets face it.  I’m at around 48k so will ‘Win’ again this year. Hurrah. 😀  In case you don’t already know (because you’re new to me, my writing or live on the moon) book 1 will be published (by hook or by crook) December 21st 2012 in time for Christmas. It is presently with the editor, who’s been sending chunks for approval throughout this month – so yes, I’ve  been a busy bunny this month and long for it all to be over.

How’s everyone else doing? Are you signed up to ROW80? NaNoWrMo? Dying to read Finding Esta? Ready to be my BBF?

As always, love to hear from y’all. X


10 thoughts on “Hosting Woes + Site Down + #NaNoWriMo + Editorial Approvals = One Busy Bunny

  1. I wish I could help you out with the evils of the transfer, but I have no clue whatsoever on any of that. As soon as the world left HTML behind I started crying. (I just got the hang of it!)

    Early congrats on your NaNoWriMo (to be?) “win.” 🙂


  2. I like the new look, Shah! Very clean and basic. I’m very happy with WordPress, but I have to admit, I haven’t done a lot with it, could probably optimize it a lot more!

    Good luck on finished Nanowrimo! I’ve officially given up for this year. 🙂


    1. This isn’t my normal blog, but I do like this theme (which is why i built two blogs on it :P) – I’m so afraid I’ve lost my author blog. Should have stuck to my usual provider for the time being. I don’t need this right now – *sigh*


    1. I love wordpress, I’m supposedly only changing my hosting company, but I’m terrified I’ve lost my blog somewhere. If I have I’ll lose three years of work, my stomach contents and my rag!!


  3. Wish I could help…I’m barely keeping my feet out of boiling water having just moved my writing blog from Blogger to WordPress (on my own domain). Searching for the best plugins really eats up time! Good luck…I haven’t done any SEO stuff and I still have to do the image transfer for all blogger images (ugh).


    1. Yep, did all that for my rather large author/bookish blog. The one presently closed. The images never showed up on my photography blog when I moved that either, although its only got 13 posts so that wasn’t too bad. Thanks for stopping by Donna, best of luck with those plugins. 🙂


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