I Won #NaNoWriMo 2012 PLUS I Published A Short Story

Winner of #NaNoWriMo 2012

So, it is nearing the end of November and yesterday I announced to the various groups in Facebook that I had indeed completed #NaNoWriMo – written Finding Luna (book 2 in The Supes Series, at 51269 words). I can therefore breathe a sigh of relief and get stuck into the final read-through of book 1 of The Supes Series: Finding Esta (including a proper look at the editors suggestions – the final instalments of which I await eagerly), ready for publishing it in around three weeks. (Oh My).

Please complete my poll, I’m nosy 😛

The Dead Party Book Cover (old Cover, the new one I made and is the featured image) 

For practice at publishing, and to offer a taster of my writing (although in a different genre  – horror/humour/political satire) to potential readers, today I published my short story, ‘The Dead Party,’ which was previously published by Siren Publishing earlier this year (yes, I retained the rights). It has a cool cover (what do you think? For information on who made this for me in under 24 hours for $5, get in touch). Once it’s out of the review stage on Amazon, I’ll get the links to it up on here in the side bar. I’ll also be offering it on my author site once the catastrophe of moving to another hosting provider is over, and I finally get access to it.

Once again, *arrgh* X?£@$$inhell.  Of course, they give you a great do do list, which I followed painstakingly. What they didn’t stress the importance of was downloading all blog files/etc BEFORE following those directions. Now I’m locked out of my old providers end of my website, which means I cannot download it, to upload it at the new providers end. I’m squabbling with both providers, neither able to do much but repeat previously unhelpful advice. I wish I hadn’t bothered moving now, but god knows what I’m going to do. If I lose three years of hard work I will …. CRY!!!

Any advice you can offer will be extremely appreciated.


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