The Dead Party New eCover, plus excerpt!

Hello all. Below is my NEW cover for The Dead Party. Do you love it? I’m thinking of offering my services as a cover designer for the financially stretched indie author, so if you let me know if this would be something you’re interested in, I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

The Dead Party
This is the new cover for my short story.

I purchased the image, then edited it. The cover above suits the story much better than the original, below. Don’t you agree?


This is only a short story, but it was published by Sirens Publishers and is a favourite of my readers, so I thought I’d pop it up on Amazon to try out my self-publishing sills before I published my novel Finding Esta. It therefore needed a cover, so I just commissioned one quick from It was certainly a zombie cover, but it was too scary.  I edited that into the second cover you see on this page, but it still looked too horrific for the story.

Oh, in case you’re unaware, The Dead Party is a humorous political satire featuring zombies, and set in the United Kingdom.


Strange to concede that 90% of my previously living comrades supposedly voted for the Dead Party to govern what is now called, District 6. Even the Green Party would have seemed like a better option in the absence of our Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour Councillor, who all bizarrely disappeared only one week before voting began. Still haven’t turned up. No doubt they found out what was to become of us and fled. Or they were supper, and still adhere to The Dead’s Party’s rotting stomach lining.

“The democratic process has proved a positive one,” the Dead Party had said. Of course, the living demanded a re-count, but it wasn’t allowed as with all investigations into their dubious habits: “It’s Political Correctness’ gone mad,” people cried. Others looked down on them, trained to do so. Besides, there was never enough proof of fixing the vote to use against them, and without evidence there was nothing to investigate.

With power came numbers. They popped up everywhere, or should I say slithered and shuffled? Their pong began to loiter generally, even in cafes and restaurants. How rude? 

I hope you’ll agree the first cover is much more appropriate?

By the way, if you sign up to my email list at my author website, you get the option to grab a copy of this story for FREE. Go there for more information on my books and those of other authors. Otherwise, it’s available on KDP select for lending, or 99c ,or 75p! 🙂

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