#OctPoWriMo 2013: Autumn Changes

Today kicks off the OCTPOWRIMO… the reason I started this blog last year! Every day for one month I’ll collect inspiration from here and write/post a poem here. You can too!

Here’s what they say:

It has been with great anticipation that we, Julie, Amy, Linda, Janet, Nimue and I, have been waiting for this day to arrive. I know I am looking forward to meeting this challenge and writing poetry every day during this journey.


We, the OctPoWriMo team, will be providing poetry prompts daily from now until October 31st. Remember that the prompts are only suggestions, whatever inspires you is right and perfect and we look forward to reading your poems.Needing more inspiration… whether you joined us last year or not you you can also check out our prompts from last October. You never know where your inspiration will hit. [..]


This year at the bottom of every new prompt there will be a link up for your poetry. We ask that you visit, at minimum, your neighbors before and after you (if you are at the end go back to the beginning) and share your support and encouragement for the other poets.


I decided to have a giveaway this year, not a contest, that will be running for the whole month of October here and on my personal blog. You can find out everything that is in the Playful Poetry Pack here. Make sure you enter to win in the Rafflecopter below.

Be kind to yourself and most of all have lots and lots of fun during this poetry challenge and as I said last year, “The thing about rules here at OctPoWriMo is that they are meant to be bent or even broken. We are here to stir your imagination not box it in. So let your imagination FLY!”Now head over to the first prompt, Poetry Prompt Day One – Rhyme and Season, written by Linda Roy of elle roy was here and savor the moments as the words flow onto the page.~Morgan Dragonwillow
My entry:
Haunted Forest
For a little music while you read, click this to open in a new tab, for the song to play in the browser: 
Autumn Changes
Weary, the leaf, fallen
Trampled into the soil
Dreary, the mood, broken
Beaten within by toil
Feeding, the earth, on leaves
Gifted by generous decay
Renewal, by glorious wreaths
A season of peace, after play.

49 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 2013: Autumn Changes

  1. I had forgotten that you started this blog for the last OctPoWriMo, so Happy Anniversary! Glad you decided to join us again this year. Make sure you link up on OctPoWriMo so that everyone can find you. Lovely poem, I especially like the last line.

  2. What I liked most about this poem is the journey it takes the reader on — from recognizing how we can be beaten down by work or circumstance, lost almost, and then somehow, “gifted” — a part of something larger — to a full cycle, renewed. Really evocative.

  3. This piece is…warm. Very warm. But…full of season… I’m not sure of exactly what I’m saying… Maybe welcoming is the word. Indulging in the aroma of life’s circle.

    Beautiful, beautiful piece.

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