#OctPoWriMo 2013: Wives With Knives (Prompt – Bad #Poetry)

#OCTPOWRIMO: Every day for one month I’ll collect inspiration from here and write/post a poem here. You can too!


Prompt: Write Bad Poetry!

Well, this one is bad and it’s bloody – well it is approaching Halloween! ๐Ÿ™‚


For atmosphere (and fun), PRESS PLAY to hear the Psycho Shower Scene MP3:



There was an awful old man

who drank beer from a can

who then kicked another

at his awful drunk brother

until he stirred, then moaned

“Stop that at once, just take me home!”

So he stopped, then they shuffled to

their long suffering wives, who

spat out curses, and waited with knives

then killed them on arrival, beneath cloudy skies.

But shocked at the mess of two bloody corpses

they considered whether, after all, divorces

might, instead, have been much better

than the mess of cold blooded (husbandly) murder?

But once they had cleaned,

and reassessed all they’d schemed

they decided they’d been right

to push in all of the knife

And ran off together with all of the loot

wearing their hair short and their husbands boots

Madge and Marge now Mike and Mark

Took a flight away, somewhere very far

And were never heard of again.


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