#OctPoWriMo 2013: New Year Expectations #poem

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#OCTPOWRIMO: Every day for one month I’ll collect inspiration from here and write/post a poem here. You can too!


Word Prompt: Celebration

We were asked to write about the Holidays. Any one or all, just tell of how I celebrate. Well, I struggled to find any real enthusiasm. I’m not a huge ‘holiday’ person. My younger sister has lots of kids, and she loves Christmas… running a Facebook countdown beginning January 1st onwards. I can’t have kids so it gets harder to maintain that kind of excitement, although I do insist on a tree 🙂

I’m British, so Thanksgiving is out, then there are various religious holidays throughout the I don’t celebrate, like Easter, and well, then there’s New Year. I chose this holiday because even though the date changes for different cultures, it represents in all of us the hope for change, for self improvement, for laying to rest anything rotten in the previous year. I wrote this poem a while back, which is about New Year too, if you’d care to read it.

New Year Expectations


The haze of regret; that purple cloud

secreted with lipstick and sequins

preparing for the party of the proud

where lovers slink, fearing solitude.


Securing newness in their New Year

via strangers embraces, eager mouths, belly’s

filled with booze from bars, bountiful

with an air of desperation

poisnoned by need, by hope…  

they lean in,

fingers crossed, wrapped

around Champagne flutes

 …for more, than

they may conclude,



And then, at the chimes,

the fireworks, the kisses

bringing, like a heavy gift

the promises we make, to truly

value each other …

at least for now.


New Years Eve 2011 London
New Years Eve 2011 London (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

9 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 2013: New Year Expectations #poem

  1. Thanks Zoe… this is how I used to feel when I went to clubs when single. I looked around and in the eyes os strangers, I saw this. Almost intrusively, but coloured no doubt by my own feelings then.

  2. I remember these New Year’s celebrations among strangers. You catch well the frenetic pace of fun-seeking, the hope and loneliness. Here’s another reason I do like ROW80 for it keeps the goal-setting real and achievable. New Year’s are quieter conversations now, and closer, I hope, to that goal of ‘truly valuing each other.’

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