#OctPoWriMo 2013: To Our Son #poem

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#OCTPOWRIMO: Every day for one month I’ll collect inspiration from here and write/post a poem here. You can too!


PROMPT: “Write a poem about a member of your family.

You guessed it, this was another hard one for me. 😦  But instead of writing another dark poem about my dad or brother (groan) I found this one, which isn’t dark at all. 🙂

Hurrah! (I hear you shout).

Two younger sisters and my niece, along with their spouses (all of whom are very close) have between them created SEVEN (plus another on the way) kids in FIVE years! This isn’t counting our friends and the rest of the family. Best of all, they are all so very beautiful, clever and loved. I thought I’d celebrate this fertile fact by choosing a poem about one, although it could be about any of the parents/their children.

I wrote a very different version of the poem which follows for my youngest sister’s first child’s (Jordan) christening (now there’s a mouthful) a few years back. I don’t think I ever gave that to her though. I didn’t like it. It sounded contrived, forced. It was difficult to write because, well, I can’t have children of my own, and for this poem I had to explore the role of parent, which hurts. I wrote a message in her card instead.

Anyway, here is it the re-written (today) version. I’m still not hugely happy with it. But it’s better than it was and I do love it’s message.


To Our Son


Our job is to…


 Hold on tight to tiny hands

 read you stories before bed

keep you safe, make big plans

smell the sweetness of your head.

Mop up your tears of sadness

pick you up when you’re blue,

replace the sad with gladness

so we nurture love in you..

We’ll nurse your runny nose

and laugh at all your jokes

in all we do,  show you our love

urging you to live with hope.

 We’ll teach you to play football

but scold you when you’re bad.

We’ll clear your path, through it all,

our dearest little lad.

Then, we’ll hate your girlfriends

till the best becomes your wife,

 and watch you blessed with child

– you’re own tiny little life.


Love this picture: Jordan now has a tiny sister, Olivia to take care of. Aren’t they cute… X


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10 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 2013: To Our Son #poem

  1. Wow, this poem is lovely on its own but it’s made even more moving by who you wrote it for and your own personal circumstances. It’s a true example of the power of writing that you can write something so beautiful for someone else despite what it may bring up in you. Bravo 🙂

  2. Your poem catches that fragility of innocent children and the protective nature of parents, more poignant because you dove deep to write this. I couldn’t do justice to today’s prompt, so stayed light. Only suggestion: Don’t have the kid play football; it’s so very dangerous.

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