Thoughts From Within: Woody Harrelson

I love this so I had to reblog it here. I hope you enjoy it too. 🙂

“I sometimes feel like an alien creature, for which there is no earthly explanation,” begins Woody Harrelson‘s introspective poem. “I feel like a run-on sentence in a punctuation-crazy world.” This spoken-word piece is brought to life in video with arresting images of the contemporary dilemma, where norms and meaning are dictated by unnatural forces seemingly beyond the control of our individual lives. We have come too far in a direction that has removed us from ourselves. Mr. Harrelson calls for a return to an ethos of caring and belonging that was “pre-us.” –

See more at: http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=4327#sthash.goQOLCOd.dpuf

I reblogged this from Karma Tube

Woody Harrelson, an American actor.

Woody Harrelson, an American actor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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