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Do you enjoy post-apocalyptic stories?

Hello all… You may have seen the following request going around, so sorry about that.

I’m just very keen to find a little feedback for three shorts. As this blog is about poetry and short stories specifically, I thought it would be daft of me not to post this plea here as well.

Also, some of you may have already read two of the following stories (they’re available on Amazon) so if that’s the case, do email me your honest opinions (and tips for improving) them. I like both of those stories, which are quite different, but I would like to work to expand / develop / improve them. If anyone has the time to help me out with these, that would therefore be much appreciated. They need your good sense and fresh perspectives, so I’m asking around for awesome critiques / alpha & beta readers.


***If this genre in general doesn’t suit you, but you know someone else who might be interested, please pass it on.***

So… what have I got?



1.  The first story, (entitled, The Dead Party) was traditionally published two years ago, but I’ve always thought it might need a new ending, so you could help me with that, although suggestions in general would be gratefully received. The consensus on this has so far been that it would be a great beginning to a series, so any ideas on that would also be great. This is a political satire with zombies, not a horror, and comes in at around 5k words.

2.  The longest story, (entitled Slow Burn – no cover yet) hasn’t been looked at in a while, and is more thriller / horror genre and comes in at around 12k if I remember rightly. This need big picture and small detail remarks.

3.  The third story, and shortest at around 2k words, is a monologue (entitled, A Journal Of Decline). A stark look at how a young woman and her baby live in the aftermath of nuclear war. There’s nothing supernatural about this story.

All stories are post-apocalyptic in very different ways.


Anyone who fancies reading through a couple, one, three, please let me know. Anyone who helps me with these stories will get FREE ecopies, once they’re finished.

Many thanks everyone, as always. X


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