A quick hello, just to let you know…

Hello everyone. Happy New Year!

Sorry for being absent for so long from my little blog. I’m hoping you kept up to date with my world on my main blog – shahwharton.com though. If not, why not? 🙂

So it’s 2015 and a new year is ringing changes in my world.

2015 Changes:

1. After saying never again at 17 years old (a staggering 25 years ago!!) I have just had my first driving lesson. The anxiety of this meant I got little sleep the night before, spent the morning on the toilet and the lesson white-knuckling it around my hometown. By the time I got home my whole body was cramping and even a few hours later pins-and-needles reminded me of the damned experience as the cortisol slowly ebbed away.

But I have another lesson on Wednesday. I’m hoping it gets less stressful because I doubt I can maintain a healthy heart by exposing myself to that level of terror on a regular basis. I didn’t kill anyone though, so I’m calling it a win.

2. For most of last year I have been steadily increasing my freelancing workload, particularly for ghostwriting, but also for offering book features on my PR3 blog and beta reading critique / feedback. See the new picture in the sidebar? No? Oh, I’ll put it here too then. 🙂


The third change is, I’ve decided to promote these services for the first time. I’ve not done so before because I wasn’t sure how into it all I truly was; it’s time away from writing my own stories after all. But I learn from it, I earn from it, and I can pick and chose my projects and write my own stuff inbetween.

What’s not to like?

Of course, only some of my clients come from Fiverr (where this picture will take you if you click it), but it’s a good place to start if you want to find out more about what I offer and other people’s opinions of what I’ve done for them. Another place you might want to look is Elance, although I’m not in love with that site.

If you don’t see what you need or are not sure what Fiverr or Elance are all about, just get in touch with me directly (shahwharton@gmail.com) and we can talk directly. **For custom clients I accept PayPal and the rates are incredibly reasonable.** 🙂

The income for this work goes toward publishing expenses for my own projects. Otherwise, I’d have to don a black catsuit and rob my husband’s account every time I needed something and well, I’d rather not TBH. 🙂

   And I wouldn’t look this good in one 😦     CLICK FOR SOURCE

News on My Poetry Book:

I didn’t get much interest so paused that project. There are gazillions of awesome poetry books being ignored out there. It would be nice to see some of my personal favourites in print, but more so for pride than anything else. That can wait till I can afford to get it properly formatted, edited, and covered. Then I’ll take another look.

Other News.

4. I’m putting Finding Luna on hold (for now): See my post all about this here. I’ve also spilt Finding Esta into two smaller books. It made sense as the book was huge. Now it’s two decent sized segments. The first of which is only 99c from all good online distributors, btw 😉

5. I published three of my horror shorts as a boxed set. You can get them all in one! Horror Box Set – Three Horror Stories: Psychological, Satirical, Post-apocalyptic. This is also available at all other retailers (as are all my books now.)

So readers, what are your 2015 changes? Let me know in the comments…. purweeeze. 🙂


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