The Great Amazon Hysteria… Part 31

Chill your beans, authors. Read this instead …

David Gaughran

ChickenLittleAre you scared yet? Because you should be scared. Something really bad is about to happen. It affects all of us.

Our livelihoods are at risk. The ability to support our families. It’s just over the horizon. It could happen any minute. It’s coming for all of us!



I’ve been around for long enough to know that authors can be a skittish bunch. Probably something to do with our over-active imaginations, with an assist from that old writers’ favorite: the whiskey brunch.

More seriously, we are going through a period of unprecedented change so it’s perfectly normal for people to be a little fearful. I think the disruption we are all experiencing is greater than that which has been faced by similar industries. In fact, I think the transition from print book to e-book is akin to going straight from vinyl to MP3, with all that…

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2 thoughts on “The Great Amazon Hysteria… Part 31

  1. I do watch the news every day now, so I am more in touch with the horrible things going on. And also the fact that in Australia, my government is hell bent on taking us backwards to the 1950s in every way possible – even with being terribly, terribly bad to the environment. “Kill all the bees!” I imagine will be their next slogan. Anyway, I still manage to feel happy most of the time, despite what’s going on in the world.


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