#Promote your #poetry or #shortstories here!

Hi readers.

I decided to help promote the hard work of speculative fiction authors on my author blog a while ago, and that’s been successful, enjoyable and adds value to my readership. Yey!

This blog languishes quite a bit because of my workload and, if I’m honest, trying to think of new things to blog about, frankly. My main blog has had me tethered to it, as does my writing and marketing commitments (oh, and that thing called life).

Looking around the blogosphere, I notice a lack of blogs offering to promote poetry and short stories specifically. Yet there is astounding talent out there, so I decided to harness it here.

To get things started, I set up a Gig on Fiverr and if you click the link, you’ll learn all about how you can get your awesome work on this blog (and shared to my entire network). 🙂

You’re thinking, “A Gig? I have to pay for it? No thanks!” But it’s peanuts for what you get, compared to the time I put into each individual post. You pay for time spent, effort and results. I can’t promise you mammoth sales (I wish), but I can promise thousands more people will have heard of you after the promo than before it. 🙂

As with everything I do, if we’re friends, this is free.

Gig For Shahs Scribbles
                                                CLICK IMAGE TO GO TO THE GIG

Not sure how many of you will take up this offer, but let me know your thoughts either way. 🙂 X


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