21st Century #Poetry Module & The Creation of a Poetry Book) #AmWriting #IWSG

It’s been how long since I wrote a post on this blog? Wow, that is unforgivable (but please try).

What’s been keeping me so busy? Well, lots.

Deep breath…

I started my MA in Creative Writing back in September 2016, which is going great (my first module received a First). The module I’m just wrapping up is 21st Century Poetry and part of the assessment requires that we write, publish and present to the examiner a book of poetry. So, as well as other work on the first module (a very emotive creative non-fiction piece), I have been reading poems and about poets, discovering my own poetics and writing lots (and lots) of poetry.

We’ve also rescued another pooch (a Rotti/Shepherd cross – near death when found so she’s terrified of strangers). The abuse stunted her growth so she’ll stay pretty small for those breeds. She has already melted all of our hearts (even Bobby’s).


For a large extension, we’ve also had the house full of work-men (I suffer from social anxiety) so strangers in and out every day, with two barking pooches as stressed about that than me. It’s nearing completion and I can’t wait to have a working kitchen. I’ve also experienced a few cycles of bipolar disruption too since I last visited here. But I made it out the other end each time (as I keep reminding myself).

So, yeah. I have been distracted.

The poetry book for this assignment is now on its way to me (should take a few weeks) but I haven’t decided whether to sell that book yet after it’s been assessed.

Here’s the cover:


Who would buy it? I have no credentials to tempt readers, after all. I don’t even know if it has merit until the results are in. If it does very well, I might send it off to a few publishers, but if not, do I shove it into a dark cupboard and back away from my poetry?


It’s not like I thought my poetry would win awards, but since learning about it, how to write it, about all the wonders that have come before me, I’m now more intimidated than ever. Should I simply enjoy poetry but stick to shedding my soul in semi-private (well, this blog is mine) dribs and drabs, and not bother with any silly publishing dreams?

Deadline to hand in a portfolio of work including the book is 4th May, so keep your fingers crossed (though my absence means I don’t deserve it) for my success. The grade I get could determine my next move entirely.

Awesome news!

**O, oh, I did submit a poem, entitled Crave to Sirens Call Publications for issue April 2017 #32 of The Sirens Call eZine, written for the theme ‘Slash & Hack.’ And they want it! These guys also published my short story (the much shorter version) a few years ago, The Dead Party. in their inaugural edition in Feb 2012. Once they have used their first publication rights, I’ll post it here. **




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