A Siren Called for Crave. #poem #horrorpoem #FREE #horrorEzine

Hello. I have great news. My horror poem, Crave, was published in the 32nd issue of The Sirens Call eZine titled ‘Hack & Slash!’

Thanks to all the Siren’s, and the other fantastic authors who contributed their creativity, including, Brent Abell, Shaun Avery, Wies Blaize, B.B. Blazkowicz, Dee Langone Bonney, Daniel Braithwaite, John H. Dromey, Jeff Durkin, (A.R.) Alex Farley, G.H. Finn, Samantha Hill, Kevin Holton, Rivka Jacobs, Mathias Jansson, Samuel LF, Soter Lucio, (R.J._ Richard Meldrum, Melissa R. Mendelson, Rory J. Roche, Author Joshua Skye, (H.) Heather Jenkins Steinwachs, Mark Steinwachs, Morgan K Tanner, DJ Tyrer, Jackie Valacich, Shah Wharton, (L.E.) Leonard White, Patrick Winters, Sheldon Woodbury, Wile E. Young. Julianne Snow, Lee A. Forman, Nina D’Arcangela.

To read this for whole ezine, including short stories and poems, for FREE, click this link – it opens the PDF file, which you can download or read on your device. *I believe Crave is on page 56 and I would love to know what you think. X

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