‘Mosaic Of My Mind’ by Melissa Moy #poetrybook

Read on for Melissa Boy’s new chapbook release: ‘a collection of poetry past, present, and possible’


‘mosaic of my mind: a collection of poetry past, present, and possible’

Readers will be taken on an in-depth journey of the trials and tribulations one faces growing up and merely experiencing life. Whether you’ve ever experienced a minor challenge or have had to overcome major obstacles, you will quickly find yourself relating to the words from Moy’s pen. Embrace your most inner self and explore the caverns of who you were, who you are, and who you might become as you digest Moy’s words and use them as a vehicle of exploration. Unlike her first book, these poems were written over a period of over fifteen years, from a woman in her teens to one in her thirties.

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Author Bio

Author – Melissa Moy

Writing has always been a passion for Melissa Moy, something that she will never be able to give up or turn her back on…it is…who she is. From the very start of her educational experiences, Moy gravitated toward written expression. When asked when or how she first learned to write she simply replied, “There was never a ‘how’, only a ‘had to.’ I just had to write, and so I did.” Moy’s writing dips into a plethora of forms and topics, but poetry has always been most near and dear to her heart.

“Writing is the wind that blows the sails of emotion and thought, so that we may better travel the seas of our lives.” – Melissa Moy

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