#Poetry Post: Sylvester Murray #poetrycontest #bookfeature

Writer, Sylvester Murray (Sly Murray) has entered the lyrics to his song “Mother Earth Is Weeping” in a poetry writing contest. Please wish him luck in the contest! The complete song is available on amazon.com.



Look to the sky, see the dying trees.
The ocean’s all polluted, from oil refineries.
Can you tell by the sky’s color, if it’s day or night?
What happened to the bees? They’ve gone from sight.

Mother earth is weeping
When her babies should be sleeping.

Global warming is destroying our world.
How many bombs must we haul?
Unless we change our selfish ways,
The human race will go extinct someday.

Millions of animal are dying,
Children in India are crying,
Bellies swollen with hunger and right.
A heartbreaking sight

Mother earth is weeping
When her babies should be sleeping.

Let’s stop the wars—
Prejudice, hatred, and battle scars.
The world can’t heal itself.
Forget about your greed and commonwealth.

We must all join together now
And show the world what we can do.
I’m ready to make it happen now…
So what about you?

via MOTHER EARTH IS WEEPING, poem by Sly Murray


Biography of Sylvester Murray (Sly Murray)

A few minutes from the ocean, in a quaint small seaport town, is where the author calls home. He has made his mark as a professional cook, a poet and a songwriter. He has also written 10 published books in various genres, including, Non-fiction, Cooking, Science fiction, Romance, Drama, Mystery, Audio books, and Horror. He has written quite a lot of songs as well. They include hip-hop, R&B, and contemporary Christian music. His hobbies include fishing, hiking, and walking along the beach at his leisure time. He keeps himself busy writing when life unwinds from it hectic pace.

The author has written a number of Books. They are listed below:

Home Cooking American Style From The heartlands

Titanic Revisited

The Unholy Dead


Unruly Law Rides the West

Alexander Turtle III

Making A Living from Your Book: Traditional Publishing Versus Self-Publishing

Down Home Coastal, Exotic, and Traditional Cooking

Margaret’s Gift of Life

Love’s Bitter Splendor

Songs Written By the author:

Now Swing

Cure The World

Mother Earth Is Weeping

When I Proclaim I believe In The Lord

My Silent Hero

East Side, West Side, Philly & Compton

Let Me See That Body

Jamming with the Basketball

Cause There’s Nothing Like Your Precious Love

Let The Bells Ring





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