WHERE WERE YOU? by Ryan Berridge #PostApocalyptic #Horror #ShortReads #ShortStories

WhereWereYoucoverBook Description

An accident at a military facility has led to an outbreak of . . . nobody is quite sure what. Where Were You? is a series of short stories that pits ordinary people in no longer ordinary scenarios to navigate their way through this new world.

Inside this book you will find 3 short stories:


During the outbreak a married couple are asleep inside a small tent as far away from civilization as possible. Unfortunately something has just woken them up.


A regular day at the office takes a turn for the worse as the sickness has infected a number of employees. With only one way out it quickly becomes a fight for survival.


A young couple have stocked their house with enough food and water to survive the worst of the outbreak. Unfortunately for them there are people that want to steal what they have.




Ryan Berridge is the author of the brand new Where Were You? series, a series of horror short stories set at various points of a global pandemic which is turning humans into something different.

Having released the first book in February 2020 there will be a total of 21 short stories followed by a series of novels which will detail where the infection came from.

Writing out of Sheffield, this is Ryan’s first foray into the world of writing.

What are your thoughts on this theme, especially in the light of our current Corvid-19 ruled times? Let us know below.

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