Welcome to my place of solace.

A place for quiet thoughts and occasionally bold words.

Here, you’ll find poems, shorts, and me talking about my favourites.

The Official Author Bio

Bio Pic for About Me page

In brief:

Shah Wharton is the author of The Supe’s Series and several horror novellas. She also works as a ghostwriter of all things fictional and blogs about speculative fiction and writing. Shah is a psychology graduated and previously worked in industries as dissimilar as perfumery and social work. Her husband and pet German Shepherd are the loves of her life, some say she is mildly obsessed with Bob Dylan, and although she hated school she fantasises about attending Hogwarts. She grew up near Birmingham and currently live in Staffordshire.

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Shah’s Eclectic Qualifications

BSc(Hons) in Psychology, counselling, hypnotherapy, and mentoring among other things. She’s worked in many fields, such as bar work, waitress, clothed (*wink) cage dancer, admin assistant, sales assistant, makeup artist, and social worker in a home for kids with challenging behaviours, in a hostel for women with mental health issues, and in a half-way-house for men.

She’s also travelled extensively: Throughout much of Europe, including Spain, France, Germany, and Portugal, and further afield, including NYC, Seattle, Sydney Australia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, South Africa, and the Middle East.

All of this informs her written work as you might imagine, and the psychological experience and training adds huge value to her characters.

Places I’ve been Interviewed

I welcome a natter over coffee, your feedback, and your company.


As readers of this blog, there are a few things to be mindful about. 

Post Content: Please appreciate that opinions vary and the articles I post here may or may not always match mine. Also, opinions change, which will become clear over time on my blog archive. I do not intend to hurt any one’s feelings so if I do, please contact me directly. Allow me to either explain and/or apologise. Rude comments will be removed.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello I’m trying to learn Poetry I’m 11. What does this sentence meaning. Thank you.
    “Like the poet that writes scribbles to please”,

  2. A person who ‘writes scribbles to please’ might be someone who writes (poems, or stories, or whatever) to please her mum, or her friends, or other people in general, instead of herself. Or perhaps she’d be scribbling (writing) to ‘please’ herself? I like that idea best. X

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